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Donna Louise Bramhall

Donna Louise Bramhall

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Speaks English

EFT / Tapping


Hello! I'm Donna Louise,

A trauma-informed EFT Tapping practitioner, here to provide support to veterans and individuals dealing with emotional difficulties.

Whether you're experiencing anger, irritability, sadness, sleeplessness, anxiety, eating or digestion issues, or something else, I'm here to help.

With EFT Tapping, we can work collaboratively to address and release the challenges you're facing, which may be connected to unprocessed trauma or other overwhelming past events. By doing so, you can feel calmer, regain your sense of self and become a more balanced person for your loved ones to be around.

Taking the first step towards reclaiming your emotional well-being is crucial. I offer free private EFT sessions where we can begin our journey of healing and transformation together. After your two free sessions, I offer my services on a ‘pay what you can’ tariff.

Let's work towards providing you with relief, peace, and a restored sense of self that EFT Tapping can bring. Book your session today.

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