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Marie Madeja (Jedlickova)

Marie Madeja (Jedlickova)


Speaks English

EFT / Tapping, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy


Hello, my name is Marie.

I'm a certified life coach and EFT practitioner and I care a lot about helping fellow humans live lives that are lighter and more joyful, filled with purpose and 'enoughness'.

Here I want to share a little bit about my journey and the reasons why I chose this path.

In my mid-twenties I have been lucky enough to complete my master's degree and get a good job as a Project manager in a big IT company. However, that all ended in me being chronically ill, battling severe migraines, depression, recurring tonsilitis, and anxiety. At one point it looked like I'm spending my 20s in the doctor's office.

I decided to leave my job, and I started several years-long journeys to find out what is going on in the life around me. :)

When conventional doctors couldn't help me, I had to start to look for other solutions. I combined many approaches including fasting, meditation, traveling, exercising, different types of diets, and so on. After finding my first life coach, it all clicked and I was able to take most control over my life from there.

I have been able to find many hobbies, enjoy the current moment, start to really care about my body, genuinely enjoy exercising, and also meet new people.

However still struggling with anxiety, concentration, and losing energy and drive often, I found the approach of EFT tapping. And a huge relief came onto me after just a couple of sessions done correctly.

Thanks to EFT I was able to uncover that I was living with PTSD symptoms my whole life.

I was living in a hypervigilant state, often zoning out, having bad memory and concentration, and always expecting a disaster to happen at any time. By the age of 28, I was done, exhausted, isolated, and without a single hobby or joy. Explaining my burnout and illnesses.

I knew about a couple of incidents in my childhood that could register as trauma, but I always thought it 'wasn't that bad'. I now know not to judge 'that bad' and accept all the reality of having any emotion and experience, in myself and others.

I'm extremely grateful to have found EFT which empowered me to truly take control of my healing process and progress rapidly toward building a life of peace.

In my practice as a life coach, I work with clients on pursuing their goals, finding their passions, and developing a mindset that works for them. Apart from my brain-based methodology, I love to educate myself in neuroscience, nutrition, healthy sleep, and fitness in general.

I work with EFT in my coaching where it makes sense, or I give a separate session to work on a particular event or belief.

I strongly believe in the power of coaching and EFT somatic practice in healing the body and the mind and I am grateful for the opportunity to help others on their healing journey in this project.

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