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Ms. Ellen Feldman

Ms. Ellen Feldman



EFT / Tapping


I've helped clients get rid of cravings, identify and release what initially triggered their eating disorder, overcome money blocks, reduce pain associated with injuries, release very traumatic childhood and adult experiences and positively reframe their current situations. I especially love watching the healing that happens rapidly when addressing big "T" Trauma. I will likely ask you lots of questions like a detective to help us identify the heart of the matter and be a calm, unbiased and nonjudgmental listener. I believe that your subconscious and intuition is doing the healing, and I am just lucky enough to your guide. In 2012, I was working in a high-stress environment, getting sick constantly and had a knee injury that no Western health practitioner could seem to properly diagnose. My primary care doctor finally recommended I try acupuncture, and when she could tell that I have frequent sinus infections simply by looking at my tongue for 5 seconds, I was fascinated. I tried to learn everything I could about Eastern medicine. I also had an interest in psychology and was thinking about pursuing it and becoming a therapist, but I found so much value in acupuncture and wanted to combine them somehow. Three years later, someone recommended I read a book about EFT, and it felt like the perfect marriage of both acupuncture and psychology that was much more accessible to everyone since it doesn't require any equipment, and you can do it anywhere and at any time.

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